Moongate and Eternal Love

Artem Florum Eternal Love Textured Bridal Bouquet

A moongate was originally only found in gardens of wealthy Chinese nobles. They were introduced into the architecture of Bermuda in the late 19th Century. They are now considered to be one of their national symbols.

The theme of this Autumnal photo shoot was ‘Eternal Love’.  There is something quite beautiful and magical about this time of year. The colours, the sounds, the smells are all a delight for all the senses. Eternal love is one of the most powerful and strongest things known to anyone or anything.  It can never wither or die.

Artem Florum Eternal Love

What does a moongate symbolise?

A moongate resembles a wedding band which is a symbol for eternal love so it is regarded as good luck for newlyweds. This floral moongate really captured the Autumnal vibes.  It’s tassel like flower heads of the amaranths gently swayed in the wind.  The lush foliage of ivy, rosemary and coral fern created great layers and textures.  The clusters of delicate, rich blooms of eustoma, wax flower and peach hypericum berries added depth and scent.

The meaning of choice flowers

The choice of flowers had links to devotion and long lasting bonds such as the eustoma. Few flowers look as delicate as these with their wide ruffled petals and oval shaped leaves.  The word amaranth comes from the Greek language and translates as ‘unfading’.  These therefore make the perfect combination of flowers for this truly ‘everlasting’ theme.

Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet was full of texture, colour, form and scent.  The colour peach symbolises immortality so once again the eustoma and hypericum berries played a significant part in this floral design. The pale pink astrantia stood like little stars. The blackberry scabious scoop added warmth with their heads gently nodding above the bouquet. The scabious stellata were there to remind us of the season and how seed heads can sit so well in a bouquet. They looked like little lollipops and added another interesting element to this textural bouquet. The wax flower acted as the perfect accent with its pretty little petals and subtle, fresh citrus aroma. The trailing amaranths added movement, intrigue and a romantic feel.

Hanging Installation Mirrors the moongate

The large hanging hoop above the top table added a bit of drama especially with its cascading amaranths delicately hanging from the foliage. The use of ivy tied in with the moongate making it a cohesive, overall aesthetically pleasing design.

Artem Florum Eternal Love

Table Arrangement

This floral table design was rich in colour and depth. It was placed within a circular frame of ivy which complemented the hanging hoop. It very much mirrored the bridal bouquet with all the floral elements.

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